Best Guide In Buying The Best Infant Car Seats For Your Beloved Children

best-infant-car-seatsBefore getting started with choosing the best infant car seats, there are 2 SHOCKING Facts you need to know.

First, Car Crash is the top cause for baby’s death in the US which takes away more than 1000 children every year. Second, in a third of these cases, those babies are not COVERED in a right car seat properly, including infant. To our surprise, more than 50% of the cars observed in this study have no suitable seats or these parents don’t know how to carry their children the right way.

The more careless you are, the more chances your baby is in risk. That’s why you need to buy a good car seat for your baby AND learn how to use it correctly.

In this website, we will help you to choose the most suitable infant car seat AND crucial guides to use them. After examining several models and brands, we come to conclude that Chicco Keyfit 30 is the best for your children. If you are in a rush, here is your link for recent reviews and price updates of this model.

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Hence, we want to provide them everything that they need since they are so fragile too. In this regard, one of the most important accessories or baby stuff that you need to buy is infant car seats. This is in order for your baby to sit safely and comfortable, most especially when you are driving to go to the park, mall, church or in general, we call these activities Baby Transport.

Of course, you would want the best infant car seat for your baby, right? With that, how will you be able to find the best one?

Because I have been a father of 2, I know that it’s painful to search for the best infant car seat for your children. It’s because you have to pay full attentions to every details to make sure that is the right choice. I did a lot of research before buying the first car seat, and I hope these information can help you with your choice too. That’s why I created this website, for you, who is looking for a proper way to carry your children with you.

This website will help you find the best options available in the market today. It is a little bit long. If you don’t have time, well, you can leave right now. If you want to make your own choice. I strongly recommend this option, since you will make your OWN choice. I suggest that you should stay here for in-depth reviews and useful information regarding this topic. If you decided to stay, I promise that I will bring you the best information I have.


Right, so what do we got here.

Firstly, I will show to you my top 3 together with some parameters that I think are very vital to consider in choosing the right one. I have asked 10 equipment stores regarding these features. They are based on their experiences while selling this product.

Secondly, I will also share with you some of the factors and criteria that you can also use in order to find your own best option.

After all, my recommendation of the best option could not be the right one for you at all. Hence, it is better to just help you find your own, right?

Top 3 Best Infant Car Seats Review – An Honest Comparison Of Baby Car Seat

So, let’s get it on. What particular products are on my list of the best infant car seat? Well, by order, these are my top three (3) with the following specifications:

Chicco KeyFit 30 Graco Snugride 35 Britax B-Safe
Overal Rating 98.7% 91.7% 95.6%
Amazon Rating 4.4 4.2 4.3
Number of Customer Reviews (as of 2013)  366  92  145
% of 5-star Rating 67% 57 60
Safety Features Full-body inserts.
5-point harness.
Base has seat belt lock off.
With 5-point harness.
Side impact protection.
5-point harness.
Canopy Adjustable multi-position 180 degrees adjustable Extra large
Weight (lbs) 21 16.8 16
Dimensions (inches) 17.4 x 15.4 x 28 30.7 x 18.7 x 15.6 27.5 x 17.5 x 24.5
Min. Weight Consideration (lbs) 4 5 4
Max. Weight Consideration (lbs) 30 35 30
Price Check Current Price Check Current Price Check Current Price
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Based on these information and my own experiences, I would say that Chicco KeyFit 30 is the most popular and suitable ones for children. I am not advocate for this product, but you can read more reviews on Amazon and find out that most of them are positive and people also recommend this infant car seat for their relatives and friends.

So, why did I choose these particular products? The following are my reasons why:

Graco Snugride 35

Graco Snugride 35This particular brand or model can fit 97% of any one-year old infant up to 32 inches tall. It is the best infant car seat that I have chosen because it can carry a heavier weight compared to the other options provided herein. Its 180-degrees adjustable canopy also perfectly suits the preference of most families. Of course, this has been constructed with safety in mind. Hence, this is also the top choice of many moms out there.

The following aspects are the things that I like the most about this particular product:

  • It has a self-supported canopy. What this means is that the canopy will not droop down when you unlatch it.
  • Its harness is very convenient and easy to adjust. It even has side clips that you can buckle in separately.
  • This can even be used by bigger and heavier babies (up to 32 inches tall or 35 pounds heavy).
  • Its base is very sturdy and with an adjustable angle.
  • It has an extra handle position.
  • Its design is very elegant and classy. It does not look cheap considering that its price is really affordable. Aside from the looks, it also love how it was made. Its cushioning is just perfect for the babies to give them the best comfort while on it. The materials used for it are very high quality and sturdy too. You can be rest assured that they will not be broken easily even when you are using them often.
  • It perfectly works with SnugGlider Swing.

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Chicco KeyFit 30

chicco-chicco-keyfit-30Secondly, on the other hand, this Chicco Key Fit 30 is also a good choice. Its best value proposition is that it is among the easiest to install. There is definitely no sweat in doing that at all. This could be the reason why it has been among the top rated infant car seats in America.

Its 5-point harness can be adjusted in one hand. In terms of its additional safety features, this product has full body inserts property too that protect newborn babies between 4 and 11 pounds.

This model of car seat has a thickly cushioned pad that is made from the best Italian fabrics. Hence, you can just expect the best comfort for your baby too. It has a very ergonomic design of the handle as well, which make it very easy to carry because of its comfortable grip. Hence, even without the stroller, it is very easy to carry. Putting it in and out of the car can be done as fast as unlatching a single strap. There is no need to unlatch lots of the straps, which would just piss you off.

However, the one setback of this is that it is the heaviest of the three (3) options of the best infant car seat presented here. Hence, it is always advisable to have it with strollers when you are roaming around. You do not want to carry it by hand because it will be just a pain to your arms.

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Britax B-Safe

britax-b-safeThirdly, but not the least, if you are looking for another option of infant back seats with superior safety or protection feature, then this Britax B-Safe is definitely among your best options. Why? This is because it has not just one nor two (2), but multiple safety features. It has a side impact protection that is capable of distributing the force of a crash. It is also capable of shielding your baby from vehicle intrusion. The tangle-free and 5-point harness is also responsible for that property. Hence, this provides a very secure fit to your baby too.

Further, this has energy-absorbing foam too that is absorbing and distributing the force or impact of a car crash as well.  This is the reason why this product is labeled as the one that can protect your child in every angle since it has so many security or protective features.

For convenience, the Britax B-Safe is also designed with an integrated click and go system that perfectly works with Britax B strollers. This is the reason why it is very easy to attach and detach the seats from the strollers whenever you need it.

It is among the lightest options too, which means that you can carry your baby with it even without the strollers. Furthermore, aside from being very light, its fabric is very easy to clean as well since it is made from materials that you can just wipe out when your child puts some dirt on it.

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How To Find The Best Infant Car Seat For You?

Now, how will you be able to find your own set of the best car seats for infants? Well, while I highly recommend Graco Snugride 35, it is still worthwhile doing your own set of parameters as well. If you are going to ask me, the five (5) most important aspects that you must never forget to ponder on are about the safety, compatibility, cushioning, as well as durability and special features.


When it comes to car seats for infants, the safety of the products should always be on the top of your list. This is because the primary reason why you are buying this kind of product is simply because you want your baby to be safe while you are travelling or driving. Otherwise, if this is not a concern for you, then you would rather put your baby in the back seat, right?

In this regard, there are two (2) tiers when it comes to considering this aspect of safety. On the one hand, there should be safety features between the seat and the baby. This is usually through the 5-point straps that surround the baby while on it. Of course, it should be perfectly fit to the baby whom you will put in there. It should never be too loose or even too tight to the extent that the baby can no longer breathe easily. On the other hand, there should be safety features too between the infant seat and the car seat. This is in order for it to not move loosely while you are driving. Aside from that, this is also an additional safety procedure when the driver needs to suddenly stop. Hence, this lessens the impact.


Secondly, it is also important to take into consideration the compatibility of the infant car seat to your baby. In this regard, the right size, dimension and weight capacity should be chosen properly. Of course, the baby should fit into it. It could never be smaller. It is also essential to think about the weight capacity of the car seats. Usually, these products can accommodate between 4 and 30 pounds.

Moreover, it is also important to know if the car seats are compatible to strollers. This is in order for you to attach and use it too with a stroller while you are shopping or just walking around the park. This is also about the flexibility of carrying your baby. Unless you can carry it for a long period, then this aspect could not be too important for you. However, if you want to carry your baby at the most convenient way, then this is very crucial.


Thirdly, the cushioning of the seats should be appropriate too. It should not be too hard for the baby. Otherwise, the baby will feel very stiff while on it. Aside from that, the cushioning of the car seat should also be made from breathable material. This is in order for the baby to sleep or lie on it conveniently. If this will not be made from this kind of material, then it might only result to skin irritation.


Fourthly, the quality of the infant car seats is always among the top factors that you must never miss. This is because it tells you about its durability or how long you can use it. Even though that your baby can only use it for several years, a durable car seat can still be passed on to the next generation of babies in your family. If you still have a plan of having babies in the future, then you can keep it so that they can use it too. Aside from that, you also need a durable item most especially if you are going to use it often. For instance, if you are always driving or going to different places like parks, beaches, malls and the like, with your baby, then it is just wise to invest on something sturdy, right?

Special Features

Fifthly, but not the least, some people are also quite particular when it comes to the features of the most suitable infant car seat that they want to buy. For example, some are looking for the right size, shape and functionality of the canopy. This is for them to have their baby covered while outside or to protect from the sun while walking. Some of these canopies are detachable while some are fixed. Some can also be adjusted up to 180 degrees.

Aside from that, there are also other special features that you can look for. One example of this would be the property of the main infant car seat to be attached and detached to a stroller. This is very practical to very outgoing families. This is because when you are driving, you can just leave the stroller in the compartment and then just have the main infant car seat placed inside the car with your baby. When you are in your destination already, then you can just bring out the stroller and simply attach the main infant car seat with it. It is amazing, right?

Best Infant Car Seats Review Conclusion

With the foregoing, this article has presented to you the top 3 best infant car seat review you could ever have. Depending on your preference, you can choose any of them. However, if you want the best value to your money, then your top choice should be the Graco Snugride 35 infant car seat. So, what are you still waiting for? Buy one for your baby now and get great savings!!!

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